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Externship/Job Shadow Student Information

Our practice is very open to pre-veterinary and veterinary students shadowing us for one or multiple days.  If you are interested in job shadowing one of our veterinarians, we invite you to call our office!   Please note that we do have quite a few students call us about doing job shadows in the summer, so we recommend that you call in the spring if you are hoping to ride with us in the summertime. 


For students who have set up a job shadow, here are a few guidelines to make your experience enjoyable


  • Call our office (by 3 pm) the day before your scheduled job shadow to inquire about what time to meet the veterinarian you are scheduled with. 

  • Plan to spend the entire day at our clinic.  Our hours are extremely variable and some days we may be done in the early afternoon, but other days we may not be done until after 5 pm.  We cannot accommodate students who can only be with us for part of the day or need to leave early.

  • Make sure to pack a lunch

  • Dress appropriately for the weather

  • Ask for directions if needed, make sure you are on time – our veterinarians cannot wait for you if you are late

  • Attire: clean jeans or khakis along with boots- if you are riding with one of the veterinarians that do bovine work, then bring coveralls and tall rubber boots.  We have some coveralls and boots at the clinic, but it is preferable if you bring your own.  Boots and coveralls can be purchased at Tractor Supply, Family Farm and Home or online at or

  • Leave your cell phone in your vehicle during your job shadow; if someone needs to reach in an emergency- have them contact the office

  • Make sure to fill out our Student Information Sheet with an attached photo; we keep this information on file to use in the event we are asked to write a letter of recommendation for you in the future.

  • Read the Student Ride-Along Agreement:  Failure to comply will result in termination of any further opportunities to learn from our veterinarians

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