Babies! Babies Everywhere!

As veterinarians, we are often called to assist with the birth of animals of all kinds. It is a very rewarding experience to be part of bringing new life into the world. Here are a few photos of our newest patients. 

A Trip to the Vet!

While a majority of our patients are seen on farm, we often have animals that come see us at the clinic! These are some of the visitors we have had over the years.

Surgical Expertise

Surgery is a regularly occurring task that all of our doctors must perform on any given day. Here are a few candid shots of the surgeries in which they have all become fluent with their years of experience.

Clinton Veterinary Service, P.C.

Virtual Tour

Since we spend so much time on the farms, not many people see the clinic itself. Feel free to take a look around! 

Always Learning. Always Growing

Our doctors are extremely dedicated to their practice of Veterinary Medicine. Part of that dedication is expressed in their involvement in continuing education. Whether it be trips to national conventions or meetings amongst themselves, they all are willing and eager participants when it comes to learning new things. Here, Dr. Cynthia is demonstrating a range of skills used in equine medicine.