Clinton Veterinary Service, P.C.

Our practice takes great pride in helping educate the next generation of veterinarians. We work closely with Michigan State University through their Practice Based Ambulatory Program to give veterinary students the experiences necessary to be successful after graduation. We also work with pre-veterinary students that are looking to expand their knowledge of the veterinary industry, specifically how it applies to large animal (equine, bovine, etc.) medicine. If you are interested in riding along with our doctors, please call the clinic to set up a date that works best. Be advised, we do require that our students be at least 18 years of age. 

Some things to consider before riding along with us:

  • While riding with the doctors, we expect that you will be engaged in conversation related to veterinary medicine. Ask questions, discuss cases, clients, etc. We will not be inclined to allow you to continue shadowing us if we do not feel you are truly interested in being here. We also expect that you will interact with our clients. We have some of the best clients around and they love to share their stories!
  • Our doctors potentially work long hours on the road. You must be able to commit to a full day. We are unable to accommodate students that need to leave early or start late. Depending on which doctor you ride with, you could potentially start as early as 6 am and not be done until 5 pm. 
  • Pack a lunch with plenty of snacks and water to last you throughout the day. Being on farms means you may not have the ability to stop somewhere to buy lunch.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. A large majority of the work we do is outside.
    • Clothes should be clean and in good condition, no holes please.
    • If you ride with an Equine doctor: Khakis and a polo shirt with boots.
    • If you ride with a Bovine doctor: Jeans and a polo shirt with rubber boots and coveralls. We do have extra coveralls for your first ride along if you are in need, but we request you have your own if you would like to continue riding with us. Coveralls can be purchased at any local farm supply store (Tractor Supply CO., Family Farm and Home, etc.) or online at 
  • Plan to leave your cell phone in your car while riding along with the doctors. We expect to have your full attention if we are taking the time to teach you. You are welcome to give the clinic number to anyone that may need to reach you during the day and the office staff can pass a message along. 
  • We will ask that you leave the keys to your car with the office staff in case they need to move it for any reason. 
  • The links below bring up 2 documents that we require of each student that rides with us. The first is the terms we expect of you when riding with us and a photo release form for any pictures that may be taken by our staff during your job shadowing experience. This sheet should be printed, signed and turned in to the doctor or office staff on your first day. The second is a reference form that requires a picture. This is helpful for us because we get many students and it can be difficult to remember them all when they call on us later for letters of recommendation. This form can be sent to the email address on the sheet for us to print out.